Katrina Joyner & Halona Brooke
Flatting Team at Your Service


Flatting Team at Your Service

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About Me

Hi there: my name is Katrina, the main part of Flatabulous!

I started out doing flats on the side while working as an ebook cover artist. I realized I really like flats a lot and have been making them more my full-time job ever since. I love my jobs, but flats come first!

Sometimes my daughter helps me along, but mostly it's all me. Lately she's been getting more serious about doing more flats, so who knows where we're going to go with this!

I average about 3 to 4 flats per day. I'd promise more, but some flats I get are REALLY complicated and can be pretty time consuming.

My webcomics and stu

The Writers of the Apocalypse: we're funny, we're eclectic, we're an all-woman comic machine. Here you will find Akashik, The Heavenly Bride, Avenia, Beloved, -ologist at LARGE, Alien Fishbowl, and the former website for 10 Confessions & A Kiss.


Ecovers and Eformats

The main (and new) website for e-book covers and e-book formatting services.

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